Whiteboard Accessories

Whiteboard Accessories

Magnetic Buttons, Line Tape, Whiteboard Starter Kit

Maprak’s fully-fledged whiteboard accessories range lets you purchase everything you may need for cleaning, maintenance, writing and caring for your whiteboard.

Here’s the list of whiteboard accessories, you can purchase from MAPRAK

Whiteboard Marker Pens

Our Dry Erase colored pens are proven to highlight your handwriting beautifully on the board. Available in 4 major color shades i.e. red, green, blue and black, these high-quality pens will not leave stubborn marks on your whiteboard, making your white board easy to clean every time, and time after time.

Whiteboard Erasers

With great grip and magnetic qualities with soft but powerful erasing pads, Maprak’s whiteboard erasers are great for keeping any white board surface clean and free of marker ink.

Whiteboard Cleaner

To keep your whiteboard clean and spotless, Maprak offers a cleaner which can remove all types of finger marks and pen marks and also removes any gum from adhesive tape that might have been used on your white board easily. Permanent maker can also be removed with ease from your white board.

Making your whiteboard look like the very first day you bought it - New.

Magnetic Buttons

Magnetic buttons keep your notices, artwork and other paper products firmly attached to the whiteboard surface.

You can place any type of notice on your white board surface with the use of our super-strong and attractive magnetic buttons.

The also come in various sizes ranging from 20mm, 30mm and 40mm.

White Board Pen Tray’s

White Board Pen Trays are a highly versatile accessory, designed to fit with ease on any of Maprak’s white Board products, allowing the user to place their marker pens and erasers etc easily into it. Along with occupying less space, it will not let the pens fall down anymore.

Furthermore the Pen Tray is an accessory that comes with any white board order.

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