White Boards / Pin Boards - As a form of Instruction or as a source of Information, are Invaluable because of the Superior Nature of Visual Memory.

Our Visual Memory is much more Powerful than Auditory Memory, and using White or Pin Boards is one way of applying the viewer’s Visual Memory, while at the same time, Displaying and Delivering  information to many.

White and Pin Boards have been synonymous with Education from Time Immemorial.

Boards for Instructional Purposes are Whiteboards. They come in the Portable (Mobile) variety and Wall Mounted Options. They can be custom made too – e.g. for music notations,  (laser Lined or Printed) with staves. They can be Digitally Printed Upon with any design that you wish. (Please Contact your Maprak  Representative for further assistance).

There are also Notice and Pinboards. Ideal for Displaying School Information and Parent Notices /Art Work ETC.

These Pin and Notice Boards can be Custom Made to specific Needs/Sizes and Colors, Utilizing the Very Best in Pin Board Materials and Fabrics. (Please Contact your Maprak  Representative for further assistance).

It is Very Important to have the right type of White Board/Pin Board ETC, especially in Schools/ Colleges/ Universities/Tafe/Corporations and other organizations where they find maximum use.

It is No Longer Acceptable to work with an Inferior Quality board. Technology and Expertise in The Manufacture/Design, and the Materials Used to Manufacture the Boards of Today have Given the Ability to Produce a Board of High Standards to the Specific needs of Todays users.

There are boards to suit every need and you only need to ask.

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