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Notice – Information & Deluxe Sliding Glass Notice Boards

Do you need a Uniquely-Designed, Well-Structured and Well-Manufactured Information or Deluxe Sliding Glass Notice Board?

If so contact your local Maprak Representative for assistance, and pricing.

Why MAPRAK Notice Boards?

MAPRAK offers the Best Range of Notice boards –and Deluxe Sliding Glass Notice Boards at an affordable price range.

Notice boards, Information Boards and Pin Boards are meant to let you organize your class room in order to display student’s artwork.

In the office environment they will help display important communication notices ETC resulting in a more efficient work place.

Framed Information - Pin Boards

Our framed Information boards – Pin Boards comprise of a pin able backing, and covered in the Most up to date and modern fabrics, such as Autex Vertiface – Rim Teknic fabrics, just to name a couple.

These Notice Boards – Pin Boards can easily hold children’s Art work, Office Notices and the like utilizing the everyday pin or even Velcro dots.

With Its modern frame or frameless attractive look Maprak can make sure it matches perfectly with your Classroom or office decor.

Deluxe Glass Notice board

A perfect heavy duty manufactured product, made exclusively to display items that need to be securely displayed.

Modern lockable toughened glass sliding doors slide and let you easily pin up or remove art work – notices and other items that you may want to display.

Deluxe Sliding Glass notice boards will keep most of the weather and or water out thus avoiding any damage to the Internal Pin Board area and whatever may be displayed within.

Finger grip handle in the Glass doors make it easy to open and close the doors.

Maprak is able to Manufacture Custom sizes with a Pin able backing and color of your choice. Or it can be made with White Board backing.

The choice is yours.

Deluxe Sliding Glass NoticeBoards are well suited for internal or external areas of your school or work place environment.

Maprak offers a 12 month warranty on workmanship and materials.

Interested in buying Maprak Notice boards? Then Contact us through the contact form and we will reach out to you immediately!

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