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Interactive Data Projector

Electric / Portable Screen

MAPRAK offers a range Data projectors and screens for any office or school environment. Ranging from Mid ceiling mounted to Ultra short throw, both Interactive and Non Interactive.

Utilizing the very best of technology and modern day looks. Such as with the Epsom range of fully integrated data Projectors.

MAPRAK also offers a large range of high-resolution projection screens in a myriad of sizes and video formats.  Made to make your presentations engaging and livelier.

Data Projectors

Data Projectors offered by Maprak, are widely suitable for any classroom or office environment when, your purpose is in giving a presentation to engage the audience.

Interactive Data Projectors

Interactive data projectors are the easiest way to turn any wall into an Interactive Table Top. Data Projectors with dual functionality with the ability of being used for Simple data Projections or Ultimate Interactivity are built to make your life free of computer screens.

Motorized Screens

Our multi-purpose electric screens are designed with the best components to showcase the projected visuals.

Motorized screens are designed for easy use and great functionality.

Operate with ease and noise-free whilst showcasing a crystal-clear image of textual or pictorial content on it.

Portable Screens

Portable screens (known as Tripod or Pull Up Screens) are versatile and built light-weight, and are highly adjustable. They are available in various sizes and video formats.

Move it from one place to another. From one office to another, and from one classroom to another with ease.

Manual Screens

Manual Screens are Easy to install on any wall or vertical surface.

MAPRAK’s manual screen couples perfectly with any Data Projector and shows no glare to spoil the viewing experience. They also, as with the other screens Maprak supplies’ come in various sizes and video formats.

Are you ready to amaze the audience, gain the attention of your clients and raise the interest of students?

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