Paling Space Dividers

Space dividers are the semi-permanent features, that assist in creating
and organising open-plan spaces – be it the classroom, office or even
in a restaurant. Woven Image® has designed a collection of modular
dividing systems made from the leading opportune product – EchoPanel®
– to achieve the important characteristics for such systems; including
sound absorption and by being a lightweight, agile material.



AS ISO 354 - 2006

NRC Value: 0.65 (No Air Gap)

NRC Value: 0.75 (20mm Air Gap)

NRC Value: 0.85 (50mm Air Gap)


  • 101
  • 295
  • 325
  • 362
  • 365
  • 402
  • 442
  • 542
  • 908


  • Green Tag Certified Green Tag Certified
  • Low Voc Content Low Voc Content
  • Certified and Verified Sustainable Product Certified and Verified Sustainable Product

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