Cork / Framed Pinboard

MAPRAK manufactures and sells quality Pin boards, which are modern and elegant in appearance. Available in multiple shapes, colors and sizes, our Pin boards are made to gain attention.

The Following are the varieties you can opt for!

Pin boards, which can display children’s art work in the class room and important notices in the office environment giving you the opportunity to highlight whatever is placed onto them resulting in a perfect display for both the class room and office.

Framed Pin boards

With a wealth of knowledge and rich experience of manufacturing pin boards, Maprak offers the best-framed pin board products.

Known for their well manufactured and attractive look, which can be custom made to suit and decor or environment.

You can pin student’s art work and or hand-written notes, pictures, and other items for displaying purposes.

Framed with Maprak’s aluminum frame, and using Modern and up to date pin able fabrics. these colorful boards will look unique and serve the purpose perfectly.

Wraparound Pin boards:

Wrapped-edges with fabrics such as Autex vertiface and Rim Teknic, or we can manufacture based on a fabric recommended by you.

This type of Pin board is perfect for Schools, Pre-Schools, Kindys where the need for a soft edged pin board is required.

Cork Pin boards:

The surface of Maprak’s Cork pin boards comprises of 100% Natural cork.

Natural Cork offers a unique way of displaying your school art Work and or Office Notices where a more natural look is required.

Manufactured in standard sizes, or custom sizes where needed.

Just ask your local Maprak Representative for help.

ECHO Panel Pin Board:

Made of Recycled PET.

ECHO Panel is an eco-friendly and recyclable product. These multi-purpose panels can be used as pin able wall by placing panels side by side in order to cover an entire wall.

Echo Panel can be placed on the wall frameless or you can opt for Maprak’s Aluminium frame. Either way it will look amazing.

Echo Panel has acoustic properties, and lends itself perfectly to the needs of reducing sound in a class room or Office environment. It can be used as a pin board, or It can be used in office screens, partitions and the like.

There are many beautiful colors and patterns, available at Maprak .

For More Information on this Innovative and beautiful Product, please contact your local Maprak Representative for further assistance.

Autex Acoustic Pin able Fabric:

Autex Quiet Space is perfect for mass covering of class room walls where a reduction in noise in the class room is required. Which makes this fabric the perfect option for childcare centers, libraries, schools, theaters, offices and all such places that are in need of noise reduction?

Quiet Space has a NRC – Noise rating that meets all Australian and New Zealand Standards for noise control.

Quiet Space is also one of the only fabrics on the market today that has a Fire Rating that also meets the Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Forbo Bulletin Board:

Forbo bulletin boards or Krommenie Boards as they are more commonly known as has a modern and contemporary look which matches well with your beautiful working space.

Customization color/variety choices make Maprak the best seller of Forbo Bulletin boards.

Forbo comes in 15 unique colors which will compliment any office environment once coupled with Maprak’s aluminium Frame.

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