EchoPanel Cloudy


  • Available in 20 colour ranges
  • 2750mm high panels
  • Contemporary, repeating panel design
  • Precision cut for panel to panel applications
  • 100% recyclable
  • Green tag certified



Composition: 100% PET (60% post-consumer recycled PET)

Pattern Repeat: Horizontal: 1180mm, Vertical: 2780mm

Fire Test Result: AS 1530.3 ISO 9705: Group 1

NRC: Direct fix: 0.45


  • Cloudy 487
  • Cloudy 100
  • Cloudy 124
  • Cloudy 167
  • Cloudy 274
  • Cloudy 294
  • Cloudy 349
  • Cloudy 365
  • Cloudy 384
  • Cloudy 402
  • Cloudy 442
  • Cloudy 503
  • Cloudy 544
  • Cloudy 545
  • Cloudy 576
  • Cloudy 580
  • Cloudy 621
  • Cloudy 633
  • Cloudy 660
  • Cloudy 907

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Designed in collaboration with renowned industrial designer Michael Young, EchoPanel® Cloudy features a distinctive design created using an animated algorithm. This process results in a series of varying dots that gather together, resembling clouds, and bringing a dynamic and artistic touch to any space.

Printed on EchoPanel® 12mm, these acoustic panels are made from 60% recycled PET, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. Each panel measures 2.8 meters in length, making them ideal for wall applications where a continuous flow of pattern is desired. The design allows for seamless panel-to-panel installation, creating an uninterrupted, visually appealing surface.

EchoPanel® Cloudy not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your environment but also significantly improves acoustics. These panels are perfect for various settings, including commercial spaces, educational facilities, and residential areas, where both sound absorption and design are paramount.

EchoPanel® Cloudy combines innovative design, sustainability, and acoustic performance, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add a unique and functional element to their interiors. Enhance your walls with the captivating cloud-like patterns of EchoPanel® Cloudy and enjoy the benefits of improved acoustics and stylish design.

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