EchoPanel Fluid


  • Available in 20 colour ranges
  • 2750mm high panels
  • Contemporary, repeating panel design
  • Precision cut for panel to panel applications
  • 100% recyclable
  • Green tag certified



Composition: 100% PET (60% post-consumer recycled PET)

Pattern Repeat: Horizontal: 1180mm, Vertical 2780mm

Fire Test Result: AS 1530.3 ISO 9705: Group 1


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EchoPanel® Fluid acoustic wall panels were developed in collaboration with the renowned international industrial design studio, Michael Young. These panels feature a striking design that evokes the movement of the ocean, achieved through a multitude of dots that flow across the surface, creating a wave-like effect when viewed from afar.

The color palette of EchoPanel® Fluid includes both contrasting and subtle tone-on-tone colorways, allowing for versatile design options that can complement a variety of interior styles. Each panel is printed with a border, enabling easy trimming and seamless installation, ensuring a perfect fit in any space.

Made from 60% post-consumer recycled PET, EchoPanel® Fluid combines sustainability with high-performance acoustic properties, effectively reducing noise and enhancing sound quality in commercial, educational, and residential environments. These panels are ideal for creating visually engaging and acoustically optimized spaces.

EchoPanel® Fluid is not just a functional acoustic solution but also a design statement that brings the serene and dynamic essence of the ocean into your interiors. Experience the perfect blend of innovative design, sustainability, and acoustic excellence with EchoPanel® Fluid. Transform your walls into stunning visual and acoustic features with this unique and environmentally-friendly product.

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