EchoPanel Fuji Hachi


  • Available in 4 colour ranges
  • Suitable for ceiling & tile solutions
  • Contemporary, ceiling hung design
  • 100% recyclable
  • Green tag certified





Composition: Fuji Tile 100% PET (64% post-consumer recycled)

NRC: Mounted to Array rails placed on the chamber floor: 0.80, Mounted to Array rails suspended 900mm above chamber floor: 0.80

Fire Test Result: ISO 9705: Group 2 BS EN 13501.1: Classification B - s1


  • Fuji 908
  • Fuji 550
  • Fuji 420
  • Fuji 299

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Fuji Hachi is a stunning 3D acoustic ceiling tile that adds both character and acoustic comfort to any space. Its art deco-inspired curves and embossed linework create a unique aesthetic that enhances the ambiance of conference rooms, breakout spaces, and suspended workstations.

Crafted from 100% PET, with 64% recycled content, Fuji Hachi reflects our commitment to sustainability while delivering exceptional acoustic performance. This versatile ceiling tile can be directly fixed to the ceiling or suspended in various configurations, including options for number, spacing, colorway (including dual-color designs), barrel kit finishes, and suspension heights.

Ideal for environments where both style and functionality are paramount, Fuji Hachi offers a sophisticated solution to control reverberated noise and improve sound quality. Whether you’re designing a modern office, educational facility, or hospitality venue, Fuji Hachi provides a visually appealing and environmentally responsible choice for acoustic ceiling solutions.

Elevate your space with the artistry and acoustic benefits of Fuji Hachi. Transform ordinary ceilings into dynamic design features that promote productivity and enhance the overall experience for occupants. Discover the versatility and craftsmanship of Fuji Hachi to create inspired interiors that make a lasting impression.

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