Fila Multi Purpose Chair

Fila is a multi-purpose chair suited for hotel, convention, banquet and event seating. It is ideal for setting up large numbers of seats and quickly sorting them away after events. Unique to the chair is its ready-link legs which makes connecting the chair a simple and swift process. You can stack up to 10 chairs high with stability. Once stacked, a trolley can be fitted to lift and transport stacked chairs away for storage.

Fila is locally stocked in charcoal polypropylene, yet available indent (8-10 week lead time) in a large range of colours and upholstered fabrics. Contact the Maprak team for more information on the entire range.



  • Grey Plastic
  • Many Seat Colours


  • Stackable (10 High) Stackable (10 High)
  • 3 Year Warranty 3 Year Warranty

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